Danny Doolan’s Rare Whiskey Collection

The ARDBEG Experience
Ardbeg has a cult following like no other. Each new release is eagerly awaited and is sold out very quickly, many of them end up being sold on the secondary market for many multiples of the original purchase price.

ARDBEG ARIGH NAM BEIST  46% abv 1990- 2006 – $48 per 22mls
Pronounced ‘arry nam baysht’ but simply known as the “Beast!” Taken from very rare barrels laid down in 1990, the Beast is amazingly creamy and has notes of fennel, pine nuts and limes. Smoky wood emanates throughout.

ARDBEG GALILEO 49% abv 1999-2012 – $39 per 22mls
Made up from casks distilled in 1999, some of which spent their full term of maturation in casks that previously held Marsala wine, imparting sweet tropical fruit flavours to the mix. For many Ardbeg fans the Galileo is THE best Ardbeg ever…

ARDBEG ALLIGATOR 51.2% abv 2011 – $42.50 per 22mls
Named after the high level of char on the inside of some of the casks used for maturation, which makes the wood look like alligator skin. Creamy and zesty, with a huge whack of grapefruit and lemon, as well as BBQ sauce, ginger and orange zest. Like a really toasty rye whiskey in parts, with hints of icing sugar, cocoa, gingernut biscuits and intense smoke.